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PracticeMaster is award-winning practice management software that helps your law firm find case, client and contact information - and find it fast.

If you're a current user of Tabs3 Billing Software, then you already have a PracticeMaster Basic (a limited version of PracticeMaster) license to try before you buy.

Why should you consider PracticeMaster over Outlook?

The best way to think about the difference between Outlook and practice management software is the old expression, “Jack of all trades, and master of none.” Microsoft designs Outlook to be general enough that absolutely anyone can use it. Most likely your doctor, accountant and the owner of your favorite restaurant all use Outlook. It is the jack of all trades. Conversely, PracticeMaster focuses on one user – attorneys. You will find every feature of the software designed for law firms. The difference can save you time, make it easier to organize your practice and help you capture more of your billable time.

What Outlook and PracticeMaster offer without customization:

Outlook PracticeMaster
Nickname Available Available
Spouse's Name Available Available
Birthday Available Available
Name Available Available
Address Available Available
Phone Available Available
Email Available Available
Area of Practice Not Available Available
Time Keeper Not Available Available
Client Number Not Available Available
Date of Fee Agreement Not Available Available
Verdict / Outcome Not Available Available
Statute of Limitations Not Available Available
Opposing Attorney Not Available Available
County of Filing Not Available Available
Jurisdiction Not Available Available
Judge Not Available Available
Track Fees Not Available Available
Track Costs Not Available Available
Track multiple matters for a client Not Available Available
Automatically associate emails with a matter Not Available Available
View a Calendar for everyone in your firm Exchange Required Available
Share contacts across your firm Exchange Required Available
Share matter information (notes, emails, etc.) across your firm Exchange Required Available
Intra-office instant messaging that can link to client and calendar records Not Available Available