Tabs3 Billing Custom Report Writer

Right out of the box, Tabs3 is equipped with more than 40 reports that track billed and unbilled work, client status, employee productivity, budgets, and more. We even have a report finder to help you find the right report fast. All reports can be exported to Excel® or PDF.


Tabs3 Billing Software comes with over one hundred of the most common billing, accounts receivable, and productivity reports. If you need a report that is not already in Tabs3, consider purchasing a license of Tabs3 Custom Report Writer, which gives you more advanced flexibility in creating your own reports with Tabs3 Data. Easily create and modify reports, and save them as Microsoft® Excel readable files or text. Also, create Word and WordPerfect® mail merge files.

Fields available for custom reports:

Address Lines Advance Tax Code Advances Due
Aged Accounts Receivable Balance Due Beginning and Ending Client Statement Notes
Bill On Demand Setting Bill To Name and Address Fields Bill To Option
Billable / Non-Billable Code Billed Expenses and Advances Billed Fees
Billed Hours Billing Frequency ID Billing Notes and Instructions
Budget Amount Budget Hours Category
Category Description Cellular Phone City
Client Fund Application Type Client Fund Balance Client Fund Statement Format
Client Fund Target Balance Client ID Client Name
Client Notes Contact Name Country
Courtesy Discount Amount / Percentage Courtesy Discount Type Custom Fields
Date Closed Date Opened Draft Statement Template
Email Address Expenses Due Fax Phone
Fax Phone Extension Fee Tax Code Fees Due
Final Statement Template Finance Charge Code Finance Charge Due
Finance Charge Option Formulas and Text Home Phone
Inactive Setting Last Payment Amount Last Payment Date
Last Statement Date Location Miscellaneous Lines
Office Phone Office Phone Extension Progress Billing Setting
Rate Code Receipt Allocation Billed Hours Receipt Allocation by Invoice Code
Receipt Allocation Billed Amount Receipt Allocation Paid Amount Release to Bill Setting
Secure Client Setting State Task Billed Billing Setting
Timekeeper Initials Timekeeper Names Timekeepers
WIP and / or Archived Expenses and Advances WIP and / or Archived Hours WIP and / or Archived Payments
Work Description Write-Offs Write-Downs
Write-Ups Zip